The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk is run by a shoestring staff and numerous volunteers who give their time and expertise to make this work possible.


Jess Williams, MSW, MPH
Event Coordinator

Jess has been working with the Pittsburgh Recovery Walk since 2016. As a person in recovery, Jess has come up against the self-stigma and social stigma associated with addiction. Her own recovery process, as well as the Recovery Walk itself, continue to open her eyes to the wealth of experience and support in the Pittsburgh area. She believes in holding space for anyone who wants to connect around addiction and recovery…and she hopes that the Recovery Walk serves that purpose. Find Jess on LinkedIn

Naomi Weissman
Event Coordinator

Naomi has been working with the Pittsburgh Recovery Walk since 2018. During her time with the Recovery Walk, Naomi has strived to combat her own self-stigma and come to embrace her personal journey in recovery. Her work with the Recovery Walk has exposed her to the vast number of recovery pathways available in Pittsburgh and beyond. Naomi hopes that as the Recovery Walk grows, it will continue to develop as a source of information and support for the community, shedding a positive light on recovery.


Every year, dozens of individual volunteers spend hours planning the event, promoting it, and providing on-site support. Special thanks to:

  • Pittsburgh Recovery Walk Planning Committee
  • Duquesne University School of Pharmacy student volunteers

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