Pittsburgh Recovery Awards

Nominations are open for the 2019 Pittsburgh Recovery Awards. Help us shine a light on amazing recovery supporters in our region.

Nominations are due by midnight on August 9, 2019.

Three Award Categories

Nominations are being accepted for three different award categories:

Recovery Advocate: An individual who has worked to change policy or public opinion about addiction and recovery

Recovery Caregiver: An individual who provides outstanding direct care to people with addiction/people seeking recovery (e.g., recovery supports, counselors, case managers, medical professionals, first responders, and more)

Recovery Pathway Supporter: An individual who has worked to broaden the range of recovery pathways available in the greater Pittsburgh area (e.g., someone who has worked to promote MAT, harm reduction, alternative peer support groups, etc.)

How To Nominate

To nominate someone, answer the following questions:

Impact: Tell us about your nominee, focusing on their accomplishments and impact. Include specific examples of ways the nominee has been effective in their work (e.g., awards/honors, growth/advancement, demonstrated successes) – 700 words maximum

Innovation: It’s easy to do what everybody else is doing. It’s hard to do something different. Include specific examples of ways the nominee’s contributions have been unique and responsive to issues and needs as they arise (e.g., how does the nominee stand out compared to others? How has the individual gone against the grain, when that was what was needed?) – 350 words maximum

Collaboration: One person is more impactful when they reach out to others. Include specific ways that your nominee shows a commitment to cooperation and working with others (e.g., partnerships with groups and organizations, collaborative approaches in the workplace) – 350 words maximum

How To Submit Your Nomination

Please prepare your essays ahead of time. When you are ready to submit your formal nomination, click here to submit the online form.

Key Information for Writing a Nomination

1. To be eligible, the nominee must live or work in one of the following counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington, or Westmoreland.

2. You may nominate the same individual for up to two award categories (but not all three).

3. You may nominate yourself.

4. Each essay has a maximum word count, either 700 or 350 words.

Tips for Writing a Nomination

1. Make sure you include all relevant details. Nominees will be scored only based on the written nomination. Even if your nominee is well-known in greater Pittsburgh, remember that if you don’t write it down, the Scoring Committee will not consider it.

2. Don’t exceed the word count limit.

3. Verify that all information is accurate.

4. Focus on concrete accomplishments and results. Although your nominee certainly has excellent personal qualities (like honesty and dedication) the Scoring Committee will be most interested in specific, concrete details that you can provide.

5. Reach out to others who know your nominee for additional information about their accomplishments. Feel free to use quotes from others in your essay to illustrate the nominee’s work, collaboration, and innovation.

6. The nominee does not have to promote any specific pathway to recovery. The Scoring Committee is looking for nominees with a commitment to helping people with addiction and/or in recovery.

7. In accordance with guidance from Faces and Voices of Recovery, please don’t share an individual’s specific 12-Step fellowship (e.g, “AA” or “NA”) but feel free to refer to them as “a person in long-term recovery” and refer to “12-step fellowship” broadly if that is part of their recovery path.

Remember, nominations are due by midnight on August 9, 2019!