Recovery Support Options

There are many ways to connect with others who have struggled with substance use. Here is a partial list, but remember: there’s always more! If you don’t like the recovery support you have already found, search for Facebook groups or Instagram accounts, ask friends for their advice, or search the internet. There are so many places where people are sharing experiences with substance use, addiction, and recovery. 

Pittsburgh Area Face-to-Face Recovery Support 

These are groups where you can talk with people face-to-face. More specific information about each group is available online. To learn where and when they meet, try doing an internet search (example: “Pittsburgh Narcotics Anonymous”) or use the contact information listed below. 

12-Step Groups – There are many, many 12-step meetings in the Pittsburgh area. They include: 

  • Alcoholics Anonymous – focused on alcohol, includes other drugs 
  • Al-Anon/Alateen – for friends and family members 
  • Cocaine Anonymous – focused on cocaine, includes other drugs 
  • Dual Recovery Anonymous – focused on addiction & mental health 
  • Emotions Anonymous – focused on difficult emotions & mental health 
  • Gamblers Anonymous – focused on gambling 
  • Narcotics Anonymous – focused on illegal drug use, includes alcohol 
  • Nar-anon – for friends and family members 
  • Overeaters Anonymous – focused on food 
  • Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous – focused on sex and love 

For specific information, do an internet search (example: “Pittsburgh Narcotics Anonymous”) which will give you meeting information and phone numbers to call. 

Celebrate Recovery – A Christ-based 12-step recovery program that meets in North Braddock. Contact for more info. 

Harm Redux/Recovery Punx Meetings – Group that supports any positive change related to drug and alcohol use. Contact for more info. 

Heart of Recovery – Buddhist recovery group that meets once per week, usually at the Shambhala Meditation Center. Contact for more info. 

Onala Recovery Center – A community center on Pittsburgh’s Southside that hosts recovery meetings multiple times a day. Visit for more info. 

Lost Dreams Awakening – A community center in New Kensington that hosts recovery meetings throughout the month. Visit for more info. 

Recovery Dharma – Buddhist recovery group that meets 1-2 times per week, both in-person and online. Contact for more info. 

Sage’s Army – A community center in Greensburg that hosts recovery meetings throughout the month. Visit for more info. 

SMART Recovery – A cognitive-behavioral based recovery support group that meets in several locations in the Pittsburgh area. Contact for more info. 

Web- and Phone-based Recovery Support Groups 

These groups meet virtually which means that people participate from all over the country (and sometimes all over the world!). Click on each link to visit a website with specific information about how to connect with the group. 

Online Intergroup AA – Meetings and support via email, text, telephone, Zoom, and discussion forums. 

Cocaine Anonymous Online – Web-based, phone-based, and email-based meetings 

In the Rooms Online Recovery Meetings – A global online community with over 500,000 members who share their strength and experience with one another daily. 

Marijuana Anonymous Online – 24/7 chatroom and weekly online meetings. 

Virtual NA – Hundreds of online Narcotics Anonymous meetings from all over the world. 

Sobriety Engine – A free online network of people working to grow in their recovery and their lives. 

Spanish-Speakers AA Group via Skype – Group calls (no video) every day with Spanish-speakers all over the world. 

Medication-Assisted Recovery Anonymous (MARA) Online Meetings – 12-step fellowship for anyone using medication to support their recovery.  

LifeRing Secular Recovery Online – LifeRing Secular Recovery is an organization of people who are seeking a non-spiritual path to recovery. 

Refuge Recovery Online – Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist recovery program. Online meetings are open to anyone. 

Recovery Dharma Online – Buddhist recovery program with daily video and phone meetings. 

The Phoenix Online Programming – Recovery-based health and wellness groups including livestreamed Crossfit, yoga and meditation. Also includes an online Recovery Social Hour. 

SMART Recovery Online – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based recovery support with online meetings via Zoom and an online forum for 24/7 connection. 

Unity All Recovery Digital Meetings – Philadelphia-based Recovery Community Organization offering free online meetings for any recovery path from addiction or mental illness. 

Women for Sobriety Online – Online forum and telephone support. 

Bridge Club Virtual Meetings – Meetings that are specifically focused on women and LGBTQIA+ folks who are sober or interested in sobriety. 

Chronic Pain Anonymous – Video meetings for those with chronic pain and chronic illness. 

The Daily Pledge – Online meetings, chatrooms, and recovery resources from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. 

Young People in Recovery – A national organization that hosts digital events to help support recovery and wellbeing among young people 

Online Discussion Forums  

These are not real-time meetings, but instead are like online bulletin boards where you can post questions and connect with others who have similar experiences to share. 

AA Chat Room – Online global support with group chats and online meetings using a downloadable app. 

StepChat Recovery Chat Rooms – Meetings and chatrooms for a variety of 12-step groups. 

Redditors in Recovery – Reddit group to hang out, share experiences, and support each other. Discuss the various ways to achieve and maintain a life free from active addiction. 

Additional Reddit forums related to addiction & recovery –  Here is a nice list of subreddits about substance use. 

Digital Apps 

These are apps that you can download to your smartphone to help connect you to resources, support, and ways to track your achievements. 

Pinkcloud – An app that connects you with 12-step meetings worldwide and provides tools to track your sobriety. 

SoberGrid – An app for your smartphone with information to support your recovery and track your path. Also offers 24/7 peer support. 

SoberBuddy – Drug and alcohol recovery support app and email with daily check-ins, sober tracker, bite-size challenges customized to your journey, in-app journal, and relapse recovery help. 

WEConnect – An app that helps track recovery goals, daily self-care, and provides connections to a variety of virtual support groups. 

Other Ways to Connect 

These are websites that talk about experiences with addiction and recovery, where you can find interesting stories and perspectives. 

Benya Clark on Medium – A blogger who explores sobriety and mental health 

The Fix – A website about addiction and recovery 

Soberistas – A membership-based community that has blog posts, tips, and one-on-one coaching to quit drinking. Directed toward women. 

The Temper – A membership-based community that has blog posts tips, and one-on-one coaching to change your relationship with alcohol.

Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction Coalition COVID-19 Guidance for People Who Use Drugs – Tips for being safer 

Never Use Alone – Call before you use; if you overdose, they’ll help.

Next Distro – Harm reduction supplies by mail

Prevention Point Pittsburgh – syringes, supplies, case management and more