Medication for Addiction Recovery Saves Lives

Join Our Program to Uplift Important Recovery Voices

The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk, in partnership with the National Alliance for Medication-Assisted Recovery, is launching a program to train and support people whose stories we especially need right now.

What are those stories? MOUD recovery stories. MOUD–which stands for Medications for Opioid Use Disorder–include methadone, Suboxone, and Vivitrol. Despite strong evidence, stigma against MOUD persists.

The good news is: well-told stories counteract stigma. 

In an effort to generate more well-told MOUD recovery stories, we are launching a specialized training program in Fall 2022.

Program Elements

  • We will identify eight “mentors” who believe in the importance of MOUD recovery storytelling and want to support storytellers. Examples of these mentors are clinicians, peer recovery supports, community organizers, and faith leaders.
  • Each mentor will identify an MOUD storyteller with whom they have a trusting relationship.
  • Both the mentors and storytellers will attend two trainings. The trainings will focus on both why and how–that is, why the need is so great for MOUD recovery storytellers and how each MOUD storyteller can share their experiences as they choose. Support will be tailored for each person’s goal. For example, one person’s goal may be to speak at the Pittsburgh Recovery Walk; another person’s goal may be to disclose MOUD use at a 12-step meeting; another may wish to “come out” on Facebook or on local media.
  • After the trainings, each storyteller will be encouraged to continue dialogue with their mentor and the other trainees. Additional one-on-one coaching and support will be available to the storytellers, as needed.

Additional Information

  • Trainings will be held on Saturday, November 5 and and Saturday, November 19 in Wilkinsburg, PA
  • Program will require approximately 5 total hours of participation
  • Each mentor and storyteller will receive a stipend of $100

Join the Program

To join the program, submit this short form. You will be contacted by a member of the program to discuss.

Thanks to our Partners