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The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk welcomes all media inquiries about this groundbreaking event. Our media & marketing tools include a Design Standards Guide and materials promoting the 2024 event. Help us spread the word! Download and share.

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The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk celebrates all roads to recovery from addiction and works to fight the stigma that harms our families, our communities, and ourselves. Over 80 community groups will be gathered to provide resources and support. Remarkable storytellers will share their personal experiences and there will be entertainment and activities for the whole family.

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The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk, which will also be livestreamed, brings together individuals in recovery, their families, friends, healthcare professionals, and supporters from all walks of life to celebrate the beauty of ALL recovery pathways. We hope to see you there!

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#Pittsburgh! People affected by addiction deserve hope and support–come out to @pghrecoverywalk to offer some! More info:

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The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk believes that people struggling with substance use deserve HOPE and SUPPORT. Why do you agree?

The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk believes that hope and support should be VISIBLE in our community. How has visibility helped you? How has a lack of visibility impacted you?