Keynote Speaker – Michael T. Flaherty, PhD

We are honored to welcome Michael T. Flaherty, PhD, as the Pittsburgh Recovery Walk’s keynote speaker this year. Dr. Flaherty is a clinical psychologist with more than 30 years experience in addiction prevention, intervention, treatment, research and related policy development.

While currently dedicating his work to clinical practice, research, the development of recovery focused treatment and practice and OD prevention he still leads key projects, prepares clinical monographs and is researching and publishing on the importance of understanding further the common themes of personal recovery as an emerging science.

Seeking to align science, service and policy he founded the Institute for Research, Education and Training in the Addictions (IRETA) in 1999. Prior, Dr. Flaherty was the Vice President for Behavioral Care and Director of the Institute for Psychiatry and Addiction Services at the St. Francis Health System in Pittsburgh, then the largest hospital and community based behavioral health system in Pennsylvania.

In his many years involved in the addiction field, he authored and oversaw more than 40 articles and monographs on topics ranging from recovery oriented treatment, medication supported recovery and overdose prevention strategies to the chronic disease understanding of addiction and how prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery can become today’s cornerstone for individual, family and community health and wellness. He believes in the need for a unified vision for prevention, intervention, treatment, wellness and recovery in America.

Dr. Flaherty is a retired Captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve with 27 year’s service on active and reserve duty including service in Bosnia, Desert Shield and Desert Storm.