Former Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy: An Expert on Urban Recovery & Resilience

When the Recovery Walk concludes in Market Square, we are invited to hear remarks from Mr. Tom Murphy, who served three terms as the mayor of Pittsburgh between January 1994 and December 2005.

Mr. Murphy currently serves as a senior resident fellow, Urban Land Institute/Klingbeil Family Chair for urban development. He specializes in housing, real estate finance and environmental issues. Since January 2006, Murphy has helped to coordinate with the leadership of New Orleans and the public to advance the implementation of rebuilding http://tadalafiltablets.net recommendations made by ULI’s advisory services panel last fall. In addition, he worked with the Louisiana state leadership, as well as with leadership in hurricane-impacted areas in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida to identify areas appropriate for Urban Land Institute involvement.

Not only has Mr. Murphy dedicated many years of service to the city of Pittsburgh, he is also a longtime supporter of recovery.