The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk is an event that aims to dispel the negative stigma associated with recovery from addiction, and instead celebrate the many roads to recovery and all those who have traveled them.

The 2017 Recovery Walk takes place in September as part of National Recovery Month.

When? The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk will take place on September 16th, 2017.

Who? The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk is free and open to the public. Everyone whose life has been touched by addiction or recovery is invited to join our city-wide celebration.

Where? The Pittsburgh Recovery Walk will take place at 9am on September 16, 2017. It begins in the parking lot at 11th and Waterfront (just north of Smallman St. in the Strip District) and proceeds down Penn Avenue to Market Square, where there will be a Recovery Expo with speakers, activities and entertainment.

Why? Addiction affects everyone – but so does recovery.

How can you take part? Join us! This event is completely free!

Advance registration for our September 16, 2017 Recovery Walk is not required, but it is encouraged. To register, click here. Until then, to stay updated on the day’s events, and learn about volunteer and outreach opportunities, contact us.